Orange County Business & Employment Agreements Attorney

Anthony J. Dispoto has focused on both business and law. By receiving a degree in business Anthony Dispoto is able to see not only how your business will be affected legally, but how your decisions will impact your business as a whole. Understanding how your business may be affected legally and operationally will provide you with more insight and allow you to make more informed business decisions.

Business Attorney Anthony J. Dispoto has worked as an Associate General Counsel, a Contracts Analyst and Legal Service Provider, where he worked with many aspects of contract drafting and analysis. Additionally, Anthony Dispoto has worked as an Human Resources Director where he drafted and reviewed employment agreements, human resource policies and conducted legal research. In his multiple positions Anthony Dispoto has encountered situations and problems arising from legal, operations and employees. These experiences have provided Anthony Dispoto with a great understanding of all the working parts of any business.

Experience in Employment Work

As a Human Resources Director, Orange County employment attorney Anthony J. Dispoto worked with many aspects of labor and employment law. He was responsible for making decisions about policy changes, interviewing and recruiting new employees, and terminating those who were not performing well.

He drafted and revised employment agreements, including independent contractor and rehire agreements, which specified the terms of employment. He made sure that the agreements protected the business as far as issues like wrongful termination.

He also defended the business in several cases before the CUIAB, and EEOC. Employment attorney Anthony J. Dispoto understands the inner workings of protecting an employer before any action is put before a government board.

How he Helps Businesses with Employment Agreements Now

Orange County business attorney Anthony J. Dispoto uses his experience and skill to design and draft protective employment contracts for your business.

Because of his broad education and experience in business, Attorney Anthony J. Dispoto can help write your human resource policies, employee handbooks and grievance policies. He will also draft, modify and review employment agreements for you that will protect your business while meeting your objectives.

If you need help protecting your business  from an attorney who can help you with every aspect of employment agreements, call us for help today.