Orange County Contracts & Agreements Attorney

Contracts are a very common sight for most businessmen and even most consumers. In fact contracts are so common that you probably come across a new one every day. Everyone has to be careful what they sign, because you never know what you could be getting yourself into.

Contract Formation

Most attorneys understand the basics of contract law, and can tell what makes a contract legal and enforceable. However, a truly well written contract can make all the difference in the world.

Make sure when you have a contract that your true intentions are expressed and legally binding. If your contract has any defects or ambiguities, you may not be able to achieve your goals with it.

When two people don’t agree, one of them will likely dispute all or part of a contract. In these circumstances a well written contract could be the difference between a win or a loss at the courthouse. It might even keep you from going to court at all.

What makes a contract valid?

All requirements require offer, acceptance and consideration. You may want help with a contract to make sure you have all the elements that will make your contact binding with a client, a vendor or even one of your employees.

Orange County contracts attorney Anthony J. Dispoto will help you clarify the terms to the point that your original wishes are clear and fulfilled.

Who needs contracts?

Anyone and everyone could benefit from a well written contract. An knowledgeable attorney can provide you with a short contract or let you know what you are signing. Certain sales require certain legal notifications and provisions to protect both parties.

Contacts and agreements can protect a business only as far as they can be enforced. Orange County business attorney Anthony J. Dispoto can prepare the contract you need to protect your interests.

If you need help with any contract work, including, reviewing, drafting, modifying or understanding a contract, call The Law Office of Anthony J. Dispoto, Esq., a professional law corporation today.