Orange County HR Policies & Procedures Attorney

Any business, whether private, public or non-profit, must deal with human resources issues. These matters often go beyond making payroll and keeping track of sick days. The legal problems that arise from human resource issues can be the stuff of headline news. Whether it’s a sexual harassment suit or ensuring compliance with the ever changing federal rules and labor law, businesses should consult with a lawyer that has knowledge of human resource matters. To not seek an attorney in these circumstances could be a costly mistake.

Orange County Employment and Labor Attorney

Most lawyers have a general knowledge of labor law or discrimination statutes, however it is beneficial to consult with an attorney that has resolved human resource issues in the past. Orange County employment attorney Anthony Dispoto has that experience. Mr. Dispoto worked as the Human Resources Director for a variety of different companies and departments. Some of these departments include, sober living treatment centers (clinical and operations), a clinical laboratory, a collections and billing company, and a marketing company. Mr. Dispoto reviewed and revised employment agreements and handbooks, severance agreements, and revamped several companies lawful termination procedures. He defended these companies in EDD, EEOC, and labor board hearings. Mr. Dispoto worked with the Human Resources department to implement sustainable  hiring and firing policies and procedures. He has experience interviewing and recruiting new talented employees, and lawfully terminating employees that are poor performing and ineffective.

A company with properly crafted and implemented employment policies can stop a number of problems before they start. An employment and labor attorney has the experience to know what issues must be covered, and which issues should be given to the employees in writing. Use an attorney that knows how to draft unambiguous policies that will protect your company.

Your businesses’ policy may be ironclad; however, its human error that could land your company in hot water. It is these unfortunate situations where a skilled attorney is a necessity. Don’t become faced with the proposition of a reputation tarnishing law suit, contact Anthony Dispoto to set up policies and procedures which will protect you from your own employees.

California Corporate Compliance Lawyer

Most start-up companies will hire a “business lawyer” to help them set up the business. However, a company like yours, possessing foresight, will hire an attorney with the experience and knowledge to protect a company’s most valuable asset, their personnel. If you are in southern California and need an attorney with experience in Human resources and compliance issues, call Anthony Dispoto today.