Practice Areas

Corporations & LLCs

Business Attorney Anthony J. Dispoto will help you decide which business structure is right for you and help you complete the necessary forms and paperwork. It is vital to get the advice of a competent legal advisor early, because failure to follow the required steps can leave you liable.

Business & Employment Agreements

Because of his broad education and experience in business, Attorney Anthony J. Dispoto can help you write your human resource policies, employee handbooks and grievance policies. He will also draft, modify and review employment agreements for you that will protect your business while meeting your objectives.

Contracts & Agreements

Make sure when you have a contract that your true wishes are expressed and legally binding. If your contract has any defects or ambiguities, you may not be able to achieve your goals with it.

HR Policies & Procedures

Any business, whether private sector or non-profit organization, must deal with human resources issues. These matters often go beyond making payroll and keeping track of sick days. The legal problems that beset businesses can be the stuff of headline news, whether it’s a sexual harassment suit or ensuring compliance with the ever changing federal rules and labor law.